Crow + Bone


      I am Sarah, owner/creator of Crow + Bone. I am so excited to share this little space on the internet with you all that I have been working on. A little about me, I am married to an unbelievably supportive husband who encourages (most) of my overly ambitious ideas. We have the craziest/sweetest little bun named Shep, who will be two this Halloween. Dan and I are both teachers in the same district that we attended. He teaches middle school and I teach elementary.       

     Growing up, I’ve always been drawn to creating things and pushing myself further. My parents constantly encouraged these traits, especially my dad who is a creator himself. They continued to foster my crazy ideas throughout my entire life and support me with whatever endeavor I wanted to pursue at the time. Now my husband has taken on this task as well. Sorry, Dan. 

     I originally graduated with a degree in fashion merchandising, but quickly realized that education was where my heart belonged. With support of my family and husband, I pursued my masters in teaching. I am currently a 4th Grade teacher in my home district. Teaching is truly the most special job I've had besides being a mother. You never experience a dull moment, that's for sure.

     Crow + Bone started because I felt that I was not filling the need to be creative. I also wanted to utilize my previous degree and knowledge, this lead to the birth of C+B. It has always been a goal of mine to spread kindness and love, especially during times like these. The message behind our brand is to empower and encourage those who are undervalued in society, and to show that all are accepted here. My biggest fight is for all to see that equal rights are human rights. I am proud to show our son, Shepard, to always love and support those around you. 

     If you leave this site with anything, please make sure it is to be empathetic to all and remember that there is a little badass hiding out in all of us! 

With Love,


Owner, Crow + Bone